The Chesney-Lind Cats, December 2000
Nine and counting....


Part 1: The Girls

Our feline family has gone through some changes at the beginning of the new millennium, and so it seemed like a good time to provide an up-to-date Who's Who in the household. To allow these pages to display a bit faster, I've divided them by gender, something that we obviously wouldn't allow for any other reason.

Ms. Miki is still the senior cat.

We rescued her on Christmas Day in 1986, just before she was scheduled to be delivered to the Humane Society. We were a single cat household with a 17-year old cat when Miki joined us, and she was a little terror.

She's remained not only the senior, but the dominant cat through the years. It's interesting that cats seem to have a matriarchal social structure. The males handle the heavy lifting, like defending the territory from intruders, but the females are clearly dominant within the family.

Hiwahiwa is the survivor, still with us nearly two years after being diagnosed with a form of hepatitis that had almost destroyed her liver. Our vet thought she was going to lose the battle and prepared us for the worst. That was back in the Spring of 1999.

But lots of TLC, more than six months of antibiotics, a constraint stream of special food treats, and daily monitoring have saved her life, so far.

Hiwa was left behind when folks across the street moved out almost ten years ago. She's been with us since then.

We rescued Kili and Wally in early 1998 from the middle of a busy highway in Kaneohe, where they had been dumped out of a moving car. They were tiny kittens then. They are both beautifully pudged out cats now.

Wally has started to assert herself and appears to be preparing to take over Miki's status as Queen of the whole shebang.

Our next dual rescue came in September of this year, when we rescued Harriet/Harry (below left) and Lizzie (below right) along with two siblings on a back road in Kaaawa. They've added a lot of spice to the household, although they aren't appreciated by all of the older brood. Lizzie is the one who helps me each morning in preparing the day's diary entry.

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