Kili & Wally

July 1999.
Seven Eight cats.
"Better than a slap in the belly with a wet fish."

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Miki is the senior cat.
Rescued Christmas, 1986.
Moved to Kaaawa in May, 1990, after several shorter visits.


Next in seniority is Ms. Hiwa, below, adopted in Kaaawa after her family moved away and she took up refuge on our roof. She's having a hard time this year with a liver infection that we haven't been able to defeat yet. But she is hanging in, and so are we. That's Hiwa, below, patrolling her yard.

And that's Buster, below right, with his back to the camera.

Buster is the alpha male, although he ranks just below Miki in the actual pecking order.

And this is Buster after his ear job, triggered by skin cancer that developed on that ear. Redheads in the tropics have to watch out.


After Buster comes Lindsey, below.

He was the "kitten" until last year's acquisition of Kili and Wally, pictured down below Lindsey.

And mealtime is barely controlled chaos. Seven cats, and even more cat dishes.

Above: Lindsey waits to be let in while Wally waits inside for something to happen or the nap to start again.


Leo gets a page of his own. Click here Leo.

And then there were...eight?!#!

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