"Sometimes it seems like we've got a lot of cats..."

The Kids 2K...

February 2000

Sometimes it seems like we've got a lot of cats, like when I went outside yesterday to try to get a better picture of Hiwa. Suddenly there was a string of cats tagging along, wandering up the driveway after me.

But actually we've been holding steady. Eight is about enough. Here's the current lineup.

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#8: Mr. Silverman. It's been six months since we began trying to integrate Silverman into the household. It's an ongoing process. That's him below rolling on the deck, watched carefully by Leo.

Silverman shows up for meals, and spends most nights (and rainy days) sleeping on a chair in the living room. But he continues to be shy, and disappears for whole parts of the day.

One breakthrough came the day we arrived home to discover Silverman down the hall sleeping on our bed along with Buster, the senior male. Both seemed perfectly happy with the unusual association.

#7, Leo, has been part of the fam since Fathers Day 1999, when he appeared along our morning walk screaming to be rescued.

He's a little hyper, and has a strange desire to gnaw fingers, but apart from these quirks Leo is a sweetie.

That's him in front, with Miki on the table in the background.

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