Annual Census of Kaaawa Cats
In the household of Ian Lind & Meda Chesney-Lind
Kaaawa, Hawaii
April 2005

It's been a long year since the last census.

Time to count heads, recount tales, and note passages.

Most notable: We lost Ms. Miki in November after a long struggle against kidney failure and related maladies. She was 18.

Miki reigned as queen of the household for most of her life, and remained in full charge of what mattered most to her even after ceding her dominant position over the whole shebang.

Miki our last cat with a direct link to the first generation and life in Honolulu. She was a refugee kitten rescued from the bar at the old Spindrifter restaurant in Kahala Mall when we adopted her on Christmas day in 1986. We were still living in a Kahala townhouse at the time. She mothered Kua, who joined the household just 6 months later, and they both made the transition to country life with us a couple of years later. Miki also overlapped with Windfola, our first cat, and later handed down some of Windfola's skills to those that came along later.

Meda and I realized we had lived with Miki as long as with anyone else in our lives, human or feline, so this has been another difficult transition.

Luckily, life goes on.

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