"So how many cats do you have?"

Here's the short answer, which only tells a small part of the story. For the longer version, please click here.

The Census
June 2002




Ms. Miki
Mr. Lindsey
Ms. Wally

Ms. Kili
Mr. Leo
Ms. Harriet

Cybelle & kittens

Here's the current census as we near the end of June, 2002.

Miki is getting a bit frail in her old age, and we've taken to providing breakfast in bed, watching for opportunities to deliver cat food down to the bedroom where she spends a lot of her time.

Lindsey is doing pretty well, although still fighting a low-level liver problem. I just realized that he's now 9 years old, moving into the senior years. He spends a lot of time over at neighbor Elizabeth's house, and is even getting along better with her two cats, Pilikia and Anna Banana.

Kili and Wally, the two cats we rescued as kittens from the middle of Kahekili Highway back at the beginning of 1998, are in their prime. Wally has assumed the position of queen of the household, and wears that mantle with authority. Her only real problem is a flea allergy, which is uncomfortable, I'm sure. Kili starts almost every night sleeping on Meda, then allows herself to be rolled over into the space between us on the bed, where she stretches out for the rest of the night. If I accidentally intrude on her bed space, Ms. Kili lets me know with a good kick of the back legs.

Leo is in a state of high anxiety, displaying his high-strung Siamese heritage. Well, Siamese hidden behind a gray tiger exterior. We're convinced he's Siamese because of the shape of his head, his highly vocal nature (he's loud and talkative), and the background beige coloring.

With Lizzie's disappearance, we're lavishing more attention on her sister, Ms. Harriet (a.k.a. Harry), trying to head off any future problems with her. They were both kittens of an apparently feral mother, and it appears that early experience may have lingering effects.

So we've also started bringing her inside for extended periods, rather than leaving her free to roam. We see it as a process of reintegration, and she seems to be responding positively.

Then, of course, there's Ms. Cybelle and, for the next day or so, her two kittens. After the little girl moves to her adopted home, Cybelle and boy-san, still nameless, will stay with us.

So the long answer to the question is that we've got nine cats, going on eight, with hopes that the missing two will one day appear on the front steps and ask to come in.

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