User review: Sigma 18-125 f/3.5-5.6 lens, Canon mount
Part 1: Why the Sigma?
Review by Ian Lind (

Why I chose the Sigma

Since June, I've been using a Canon 350 XT Digital Rebel, my first foray into the digital SLR world after using about six generations of consumer digitals. Years ago, I was heavily into 35mm B&W photography, including darkroom work. So I've been enjoying coming back to the SLR world.

I bought the 350 XT with the kit lens, and soon added two Canon primes, the 50mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.8.

As I looked to add another lens, I was considering Canon's 17-40L or the 70-200 f/4, both of which get such good reviews. I leaned towards the longer lens in order to extend the options available in my camera kit, but I kept wondering whether a longer lens would get enough use to justify the not insubstantial cost.

In the end, after endless "if...but...what if..." sessions with myself, I decided to follow a third path and buy the Sigma 18-125. Why? The price is right, about $300 delivered. Low enough to risk being wrong, but high enough to buy a semblence of reasonable quality. The range on the long end is enough to let me see in actual practice how much use I'll find for a moderate telephoto, and on the other end it's wide enough to substitute for the kit lens as an everyday choice.

I thought about the Sigma with slightly longer reach (18-200), but the extra $100 was a barrier I couldn't get over. It required more commitment, less of an experimental approach.

So I figured the 125mm would be long enough for now. If the long end gets enough use, I'll sell this lens and go for the Canon 70-200. If not, I'll upgrade from the kit to the "L" alternative. Such was my thinking. So off to B&H to order. In just a couple of days the box arrived at my office in Honolulu. Not a moment too soon.

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Part 1: Why the Sigma?
Part 2: First impressions
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Sigma 18-125 on Canon 350 XT body, with kit lens for comparison.

About the same diameter glass in both lenses

At full zoom, the Sigma is much longer than the kit lens