Kaaawa Census, April 2001: The Chesney-Lind Cats

It's only been a few months since the last overview of the household, but we lost Hiwa towards the end of February, the kittens are growing up, relationships are changing, and it just seems like the time for another update. Meda has added her commentary to Ian's photos of all the cats. Enjoy. Oh, remember, click on any of these photographs to see larger versions.



Miki is, we discover, part-Persian, accounting for her attitude and her inherent elegance. She is a big fan of the bed, but also enjoys an occasional foray onto the deck. Deference is still the order of the day from most of the other cats...here's Lizzie learning her place in the order of things.




Lindsey is gradually realizing that his longtime nemesis, Buster, is gone...and so he's staying around the house much more. He's extremely fond of fresh bed linens and towels laid out especially for him. He retains his handsome mien, as you can see.


Ms. Wally is heir-apparent to the senior girl position. She has been whipping Lindsey and Leo into shape, and generally takes a central position in the main part of the house to survey her domain. She's very fond of laps, and believe me, when the big Wall is in your lap, you know it.


Kili has turned into a real sweetie. She's very friendly and affectionate. She does, though, have a very busy yard schedule, so it's a challenge to find her in cute poses in the house. Fortunately, the weather and an irresistible box provided Ian with some great photo ops.



Leo is part-Siamese and quite complex. Currently, he is trying to find his place among the boys. This apparently involves a lot of spraying (a polite euphemism) of various things, including us!




Silverman is a HUGE fan of people food, so he tends to make a point of coming around at dinner. He also likes the deck, and can sometimes be found taking his leisure there. Our friend Doreen thinks he's an Egyptian Mau; he does have exotic spots and a beautiful face. His bright blue eyes aren't perfect for a Mau, but they are certainly perfect for him.



Lizzie is Ian's co-author on his morning diary. She gets up with him every morning to help with the composition process. She has several favorite sleeping places around the main computer, but of course must occasionally scope out new boxes, and other developments around the house and yard. She's a big fan of the front yard, for some reason.





Harry is another sweetie, who's big treat is to snuggle with me in the morning. If its a really special time, than she needs to nuzzle under my arm and search in vain for that source of comfort that once used to be found on a similar surface. I call this snarfing.

She is also a HUGE talker and lets out big yowls if she can't find us when she wakes up.


Ian has a lot of these self-portraits, but this one with Harry is especially cute. As you can see, Harry doesn't mind the attention at all.


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