We're the Kaaawa Cats
from the household of Ian & Meda Chesney-Lind

We hope that you'll give us your vote for the April 2005 Oscat Award!

There are nine of us: Kili, Ms. Wally, Leo, Harriet, Duke, Toby,
Annie, Silverman and Romeo. We were all rescued from the wild
at some time in our lives. You can click on any of these photos, and
there are lots more waiting for you if you've got the time.

crw_2826 crw_2918 crw_2965
crw_2944 crw_2860 crw_2927
crw_2936 crw_2937 crw_2861

Please enjoy these photos.
For permission to use in any manner, please contact me, ian@ilind.net

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