Cats, cats, cats

 We had three cats when we moved to Kaaawa in 1988. Since then, we've discovered one of the facts of life outside the city--there are lots of cats to rescue. And we have rescued more than our share. Others have apparently spotted a good thing and just decided to move in. Right now we've got nine cats, although that number has varied over the years. Each one has a story. All are dearly loved, despite their personality flaws. Please enjoy these photos and the stories of those now departed. Just click on any of the links below.



Post-Valentines' cats

Past cats: 2001

Just around the house

No GOP debates for the cats

Eight is a handful

Cat naps

Welcome to the new year


Final appearance of 2011

Photos for the rest of us

Life's little gifts

All accounted for

Seven out of eight

Giving thanks for cats

Guest Star: Sally & Sylvester

Veterans Day Cats

Already November

Better late than never

1-minute of cats (video)

A select few

From here to Hilo

All Ms. Annie

Summer's over

All eight accounted for

When two or  more gather

September Arrives

A whole bunch of cats

August Cats

Counting to eight

Annie found the catnip (video)

After a missed week

Mid-July cats

A few favorites

Hello, July!

Feline Friday at home

Kamehameha Day Cats

A touch of June

Mid-May cats

Eight minus Annie

Two cats short

Royal Wedding

Good Friday cats

Tax Day Cats

April's 8

Feline Friday is here!

Meet the Haahaa 8

Around the house

Eight cats

Cats in March

February's final feline Friday

In and out of the box

February cats

Romeo on the mend

Cats at the end of January

Taking a dive

Into the new year

Cats kick off 2011


New Year's Eve Cats

Christmas Eve Cats

Silverman's update and more

A few December cats

Can it really be December?

Giving thanks for the cats

A shortage of cats

Friday Felines on Saturday

After the election

A long week of cats

Feline Friday comes again

Starring Mr. Duke

October cats

September Finale


More September cats

A yawn and a stare

Can it be September?

Looking for a home

After the Annibirthary

A fashionably late morning

Eight cats

Everybody but Duke


Kaaawa cats in summer

Cats coast into summer

Summer's here

A damp Feline Friday

Boundary Patrol

Visiting Sally & Sylvester

The end of May

Here we go again!

Just another Friday

First Friday in May

Happy Birthday, Mr. Duke!

Just around the house

Eight is Plenty

Meet Ms. Harry

A Good Friday

March madness

All but Duke & Harriet

March Cats

February Finale

Another week of cats

Silverman's 30-Seconds

Just hanging out

Dinner Time

Ms. Annie (video)

Into the New Year


It doesn't look like Winter


Goodbye to '09

Cats at Christmas

Before the Solstice

All in the family

Cats in bed and yard

The cats after Thanksgiving

Not a moment too soon

Just around the house

Catnip cats

Cats without costumes

More Friday felines

Eight plus two

Lots of Friday stars

Where's Romeo?

More cats inside & out

A modest Friday

Cats on 9-11

Just hanging around

Statehood cats

Anniversary cats

First Friday

A bunch of cats

Friday Felines Return

July cats

Around the house

Cats of Summer

Solstice cats

Another Week

The cats in June

Another bunch of cats

8th of May

May Day Cats

Attempting a family photo

Census: The Haahaa 8

April Friday

Same cats, new camera

Good Friday Cats

April's first felines

The Yawns have it

After Leo

A make-up gallery

February Cats

Leo's Gallery

A touch of gray

More Friday Fellines on Saturday

Friday Felines on Saturday


Cats Before Christmas

Fat Cat Flying

More Friday Felines

Another Feline Friday

October Cats

Sometimes a crowd

More September cats

Total Toby

September cats

Summer's end

Friday Felines on Saturday

Just a few cats

Toby, Leo & others

Just a few Friday Felines

Catnip Wars

More July cats

Summer cats

July 4th cats

Friday Trio

Summer Solstice Cats

More Cats...uh, Felines

Cats around the house

Weekend Cats

Friday Felines in May

Cats around the house

Way More May Day Cats

May Day Cats

April's final Feline Friday

A handful of April cats

Another Feline Friday

Toby & Kili

Plump, lazy, and happy cats

Sisters on the Spring Equinox

Collected cats

A day late and a few cats short

A morning with Mr. Toby

More February felines

February cats

New Year Cats


Christmas cats & more

Friday Felines on Saturday

Happy Cats

The cats on termite day

More November cats

Toby & Harry

Ms. Kili's 10th birthday

Wally, Duke & a few more

More Kaaawa cats

Another Friday

Our cats at 85mm

Equinox cats

Feline Friday in September

August cats

Cats & Ms. Kitten

More Friday felines

Cats on drugs

Friday Feline sequence

Sunday's cats

June cats

More May cats

Cats in May

Around the house in April

Easter cats

More March cats

March cats

February cats

January cats

Winter cats

New Year's cats

New Year duets


Annie, Duke & More

Don't forget Toby

Shades of Gray

Post-Primary Cats

Annie, Silverman, Leo & More

The boys and girls in August

Summer cats

More June cats

Kaaawa Cats in June

Sunday cats

The Census (Girls & Boys)

Just a few more cats

Rainy Day Cats

More March madness

Around the house in March

Almost Valentines

January Cats

New Year's cats


Exclusively Toby

Seeing double

More October cats

Toby in October & more

Cats and cats' tongues

More September cats

Just more cats

Kaaawa cats in August (lots of Mr. Toby)

When Silverman met Romeo, and more

Shades of Gray

More summer portraits

The cats in June

Yawning cats

Spring Cats

Lucy & siblings

Kitten Update, Day 6

Kitten rescue

Census 2005

Kaaawa Cats in March

February update

Romeow's update

January cats 1/30/05


Rescue update

Holiday cats

Another round

Kamaaina Cats

Election Day Cats

Duke, Annie & Toby

Construction, fish, & more

Construction Supervisors

August cats

Kaaawa cats in summer

July six-pack of cats

Toby & more

Kaaawa cats in June

More May cats

Cats in May 5/16/04

Big Mouth Cats 5/7/04

Afternoon cats 4/27/04

The Census, March 2004

The kids 2/9/04


Year end cats 12/31/03

Christmas cats & more 12/20/03

November's cats 11/30/03

Queen Wally & friends 10/30/03

Current cats 10/13/03

Kaaawa Cats 8/27/03

Cats in summer 7/20/03

Cat Census, June 2003

Lindsey & friends 6/8/03

Six of nine 5/11/03

Cats 4/21/03

More cats 4/14/03

Ms. Harry & others 3/23/03

More Kaaawa cats 2/21/03

Kaaawa Cats, 2/7/03

More Toby & Duke, 1/20/03

Harry's hidewaway 1/12/03

Toby, Duke, et al, 1/6/03


Cats Christmas 12/25/02

Kaaawa cats 12/15/02

Kaaawa cats 11/29/02

October's Kitten 11/9/02

Silverman 10/27/02

Kaaawa cats 10/20/02Silverman 10/27/02

Kaaawa cats 10/12/02

Kaaawa cats 9/17/02

Kaaawa cats 9/2/02

Kaaawa cats 8/14/02

Cybelle's Saga

Cat census, June 2002


The Usual Suspects, May 2001

Cat census, April 2001

Cat census, Dec 2000

The kids 2K, Feb 2000

Eight cats, July 1999

Update, Spring 1998

Kili & Wally

Adoption notice, Jan 1998


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