The Census -- May 2006

Kaaawa Cats from the household of Ian Lind and Meda Chesney-Lind
Photographs by Ian Lind

Here are The Girls

Welcome to the current census of our cats in Kaaawa, Hawaii, along Oahu's windward coast. The girls are presented first, followed by the boys. Of course, if you want to skip ahead, just click on the link (above, right).

Ms. Kili

This is Ms. Kili, named for Kahekili Highway in Kaneohe, where she and sister Wally were rescued as kittens back in January1998. This duo are now the senior cats of the household.

Kili is a lover who spends most nights sleeping between Meda and I, snuggled right up near our pillows. If I try to assert rights to some of that nocturnal territory, Kili is often ready with a kick of those back paws.

She is also the primary hunter who excels in that fine art of returning home with live mice and rats which can then be released inside for the presumed pleasure of all.

Kili is also on our worry list because of an out of kilter liver enzyme. Cause and treatment are still under investigation.

img_3472 img_3335
Ms. Wally

Wally is a bit overweight but oh so photogenic!

Unlike Kili, Ms. Wally likes to spend her days as a pampered inside cat. None of that hunting behavior for her, except on rare occasions. A thump or two on a catnip mouse is her idea of a good day's hunt. Then she moves over to stand vigil at the food dish.

She's alergic to fleas which, if course, love to hide in her thick fur, chemical treatments notwithstanding.

img_3426 img_3428
Harriet, a.k.a. Ms. Harry

We rescued Harriet and her sister in September 2000, but Lizzie disappeared several years ago, as did two other kittens from the same litter that were adopted by friends of ours. So Harry is now apparently the sole survivor.

Since Lizzie disappeared, I've worked doubly hard at reducing Lizzie's wandering and luring her home.

img_3186 img_3601

It has worked, and she's now become a secret lover of people who mostly hangs around the house instead of retreating to her former favorite spots outside.

She's also become the champion food beggar. During meals (people meals, that is) she takes up a regular position on a cabinet just behind my left shoulder and waits for tender morsels to come her way. She's also got a taste for margarine, and waits on the kitchen counter every morning in hopes of getting a little smear of her own if I make toast (and even if I don't).

She likes catnip toys, enjoys having her own food dish in a separate location, and has occasional fits when a person's lap is the only possible place to be.


And then there's Ms. Annie, rescued one morning in September 2003 as she was attempting to climb up a sand embankment from the beach to Kam Highway. We could hear her loud crying as we walked past on the road above, and scooped her up just a few feet from the passing cars. It was her lucky day.

She's the smallest of our cats but, despite her (relatively) petite dimensions, is very feisty and will go nose-to-nose with cats twice her size. Like Ms. Kili, she's also a huntress who enjoys her sport.

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